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Review: Under the Gun by Hannah Jayne

Under the Gun - Hannah Jayne

Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales.

Quick & Dirty: Sophie Lawson is one of those rare humans who can see those things that most humans do not such as werewolves, vampires and fallen angels. Because of this she is the only “breather” who works for the Underworld Detection Agency helping to make sure that those who belong to the underworld behave themselves among the human population. Now she must use all that she knows about her work to save her old boss from those who want him dead.

Opening Sentence: You might think that after a visit from my dead grandmother, a run-in with my dead sister, and a rent-controlled apartment shared with an undead vampire fashionista, a visit from the undead wouldn’t be so unexpected.

The Review:

Sophie Lawson is a normal human whose father happens to be a demon. As such she is the only “breather” who works for the UDA. Also, trouble seems to follow her wherever she goes. As such, it is no surprise when her supposed to be dead boss, Pete Sampson, shows up at her door asking for her help to get werewolf hunters off his trail. With the help of her ex-lover and fallen angel, Alex Grace, maybe they can figure out who hired the werewolf hunters and save Sampson’s life and reputation. I had mixed feeling about this book. One moment I couldn’t get into it and other times I couldn’t get enough. I do believe that reading the first books in this series might have made it easier but it is not completely necessary to read them in order.

Sophie was a character I could relate to. She wants to be this super cool detective chick but always seems to fail miserably. Even so she still tries. Throughout the series she is known for backing down, turning into a big cry-baby, scaredy-cat. In this one, that has started to change and she is trying to become a new woman. The only thing I didn’t like about her is her indecision on which of the two guys in her love triangle she actually loves. Pick one already or let them both go.

Will is her Guardian and is there to protect her from those demons and other creatures who would like to use her to cause problems. Unfortunately, he is horrible at his job. He is a good looking man who has blond hair, hazel eyes and is built like a “soccer god”. Sophie has a fling with him while she and her other lover were taking a break. The other guy in her life is Alex, a fallen angel who is a cop trying to do good so he may return to heaven someday. Alex is the complete opposite of Will but still a hunk. He has blue eyes, brown hair, and is very muscular. I get it, both guys are good guys and total hunks, but still it is not right when both care for her to let them keep hanging on. I can’t pick sides because in this novel of the series Will does not show up very often. Alex is in it a lot and he is your typical hero who swoops in and saves Sophie when she gets herself in way over her head.

The other person who plays a big role in the book is Pete Sampson, werewolf and Sophie’s old boss. He was supposedly killed by a mad man, in a previous book, but had managed to escape. Unfortunately, there were those who found out he had escaped and they hired werewolf hunters to finish the job. He comes to Sophie for help to save his life. Of course there may be more that he is not telling Sophie because when he returns to San Francisco a series of very brutal murders start occurring. Could he be a killer seeking revenge for what had happened to him?

This story did have its ups and downs. Some parts were so boring, I had a hard time wanting to continue reading. Then all of a sudden something would make me sit back and go what! Then I would have to just keep on reading to find out what happened. For those who really enjoy anything supernatural, this is a book for you. For those who need to be contently on the edge of their seats then maybe this one would not suit you as much.

Notable Scene:

Will Sherman is my Guardian. And no, I’m not under eighteen_far from it. I’m also not a trust fund baby a la Athina Onassis or Paris Hilton (pre-sex tape/ pantiless partying/ jail time). I’m simply the Vessel of Souls and Will is, simply, my Guardian.

Yeah, I really thought I could get that one past you.

FTC Advisory: Kensington provided me with a copy of Under the Gun. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.

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