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Review: Messenger's Angel by Heather Killough-Walden

Messenger's Angel: A Novel of the Lost Angels - Heather Killough-Walden

Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales.

Quick & Dirty: An action-packed novel with great characters in an amazing setting of Scotland. This was a great follow-up novel in the Lost Angels series.

Opening Sentence: Juliette sidled back on the massive four-poster bed, a remotely hesitant part of her still wanting to get away.

The Review:

I was way more impressed with Messenger’s Angel than I was with Avenger’s Angel. Maybe it was because the series has been set up so I didn’t have to sit through long bouts of exposition. Messenger’s Angel was much more action packed and the tension brought on by the bad guys hunting down Juliette really helped move this book along. The page length of this book, to me, was pretty long but it certainly didn’t feel that way. I also thoroughly enjoyed Gabriel, his Scottish accent and Juliette.

Messenger’s Angel begins with Juliette traveling to Scotland to do research for a television pilot and to finish her paper for her PhD. She is being funded by Samael, the archangel whose grand scale plan isn’t known as of yet. Unknown to Juliette, she is also being followed by an Adarian, one of the evil archangels that fought against the four favored (Uriel, Gabriel, Azrael and Michael) from the previous book. He needs Juliette if he wants to survive what the Adarian leader (Kevin) has in store.

Juliette’s powers as an archess have just recently surfaced. She is still trying to figure things out when she runs into Gabriel at a bar and is instantly struck by his beauty. He equally returns the favor by kissing her and she runs away. Right after, she is attacked by the Adarian but saved by Gabriel. Events unfold leaving her with lies told by Samael before she uncovers the truth about what she is and about what Gabriel is.

Kevin or Abraxos as he is often called has gone completely insane. He was nuts before but now he has come up with a plan that will certainly get him the healing powers he so very wants. It is his insanity that makes him a perfect bad guy because he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. The rest of the Adarians follow him without question and they have no problem using what powers they have to fight the four favored angels.

The romance is quick and hot since it is one of those love at first sight romances. Even though Juliette tried to deny it at first it doesn’t take her long to give in. And you can feel the romance they have for each other in every glance and touch they have, but since they are constantly fighting off someone it is hard for the romance to stay hot.

Juliette is a level-headed woman. She doesn’t really go insane like you think she would when she realizes she has powers. She investigates and experiments and knows that it is her doing these things. She freaks out inwardly but on the outside she realizes that she has these powers for a reason. Gabriel is just drop dead sexy, with his dark hair and silver eyes, and his Scottish accent. He does his best to woo her. He is definitely not the domineering/demanding man that Uriel was in Avenger’s Angel.

Messenger’s Angel also has many points of view from Gabriel, Juliette, Lilith, Samael, Daniel to Kevin. Seeing inside the bad guys heads really added to the depths that they would go to get Juliette’s powers and just to see how plain crazy they are. The setting of this book in Scotland was an amazing detail and I loved to read the detail in the scenery and places that these characters went.

Overall, Messenger’s Angel was an amazing follow up to Avenger’s Angel with better characters, an amazing setting and uber-creepy baddies to suit. With the revelations that were brought to light in this novel about the archesses, I can’t wait to read Azrael’s and Sophie’s story next.

Notable Scene:

Somewhere in the distance thunder rolled, barely audible over the rhythmic sound of the train on the tracks. But Black’s eyes cut from the hair in his hand to Juliette’s eyes once more, and he cocked his head to one side. He said nothing, as if waiting for her to continue.

“But I don’t know you and you’re…” She trailed off again.

“I’m wha’, Juliette?” he asked softly.

He knows my name, she thought. For some reason, she wasn’t surprised. He seemed unreal, sitting there only inches from her, more solid than a sable-draped statue of bronze. He seemed impossible, like a superhero. Like a dream. You’re scaring me.

Thunder boomed closer to the train, the storm obviously having moved in, as it was easier to hear over the metal slide of the rails. Something strange flashed in the light gray depths of Gabriel’s eyes. He gently released her hair and leaned in a bit, closing the space between them. “You’ll want to control that, luv.” He smiled a decidedly dark smile. “Let it rage an’ it’ll drain your strength.” He leaned in even farther so that Juliette’s head bumped the wall behind her. “An’ then how will you fight me off, lass?”

Juliette could barely breathe now. Her mind fought to process what he had just said, even as her body fought with itself over the effect he was having on her. Enough of his words got through that her blood pressure shot through the roof, and adrenaline poured into her bloodstream. “Control what?” she asked, her voice barely more than a whisper.

“The storm, Juliette,” he replied. “It’s one of your powers as an archess, it it no’? An’ from the way it’s growin’ stronger by the moment, I’d wager it’s a fairly new one to you.”

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